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Raising Hands

Elective Options

Battle of the Spartans (W944)

Beginning Band (For ALL Grades) (W910)

Intermediate Band (Concert Band) (For ALL Grades) (W911.1)

Concert/Advanced Band (Wind Ensemble) (For ALL Grades) (W912)

Concert Orchestra (String Orchestra) (For ALL Grades) (W903)

Chorus (Choir) (For ALL Grades) (W905)

Discovery Rotation (for 6th Grade Only)

Robotics A/B (For 7th and 8th Grade Only) (Z180)

Spanish 1 A (For 7th Grade Only) (W922)

Spanish 1 B (For 8th Grade Only) (W923)

Year Book (For 7th and 8th Grade Only) (W970)

Beginning Fine Arts (For 7th and 8th Grade Only) (W940)

Advanced Fine Arts (For 8th Grade Only)(W941)

Guidance (For 7th and 8th Grade Only)

School Service (For 8th Grade Only) (W981)

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