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Virtual Mental Health Resources for Students and Parents

Click on the links below to access videos, articles, and other resources
designed to help both students and their parents.

Academic Support Resources

School Supply

Staying Organized at Home

1. Clean and Organized Working Environment

Keep a clean, open space available each day for your computer, binders, pens and books. 

2. Limit Distractions

Try to keep any electronics (cell phones, video games, etc) away during school time. 

3. Prioritize Tasks

List what you have to get done today in order of importance. (For example: I need to check in with all of my teachers this morning because I was sick yesterday).

4. Keep Your Routine

5. Maintain Friendships

Check in with a friend every day to catch up and talk about things you both enjoy

6. Stay Healthy (physically and mentally)

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air, take a walk with a family member

Schedule times to talk to friends or video chat

Do things that make you happy!

Woman Tutoring Child

Study Skills Tips

Keep a weekly planner- by mapping out what you have to do each day, you should feel more prepared for every assignment, test and project that are coming up

Try Flashcards or Post It Notes- When studying vocabulary words, these strategies can help you learn new words through repetition

Create Goals!- What are my goals today? Make sure they are things you can accomplish!

Get Support- Who are the people that can help me? How can I get in contact with them? 

Organization!- Is my workspace empty and clear of distractions? 

Takes Notes!- What is the purpose of today's lesson? What is the goal? Do I need to go back and re-read that paragraph?


ELA/Math Support on Campus

Are you struggling or need extra help with math or English? AE Wright will be offering math and English support for all students on campus!

Below is the schedule: 

Thursdays 7:50-8:45. Location Mrs. McDonnell: 1 or Mrs. Kimball: 6

  • Fridays 7:50- 8:45. Location Ms. Trupp's room: 16

We suggest coming prepared with your questions and what you need help with.

Students in Classroom

Tutoring Options

  • Free tutoring with high school students through Calabasas Library. Click here for more information

  • If you are interested in paid tutors, please reach out to Robin Lutsky,  the college and career advisor at CHS, who can send you information. Her email is

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